An immersive performance at the intersection of music, art and light installation, literature, and curated wine tasting, exploring the ideas of pursuit of happiness, content, meaning, personal growth, hedonism, and deconstructed beauty, in a postmodern world. Will collaborate with some of the most innovative writers for the narrative, light and art installation designers for the set, and a sommelier for the wine pairings. The music will be performed by the Paler-Scurtu Duo (Adriana Paler, piano, and Bogdan Scurtu, clarinet).

Winner of 27 prizes at national and international competitions, pianist Mag. Adriana Paler performed concerts in Germany, Cuba, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, Croatia, Luxemburg, and recorded at the ORF studios in Vienna. She is the graduate of MDW (Universität für Musik un darstellende Kunst Wien), from the studio of prof. Noel Flores.

Clarinetist Dr. Bogdan Scurtu appeared in concert at the Carnegie and the Merkin Halls in New York City, Lincoln Center in Miami Beach, and collaborated in various concerts with David Stern, the Argento Ensemble, Contemporary Chamber Players, Palm Beach Opera, and the former Florida Philharmonic. He is currently teaching World Music and Music Appreciation at the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait. Dr. Bogdan earned his Bachelor’s from the Lynn University Conservatory of Music in Boca Raton, Florida, and his graduate degrees from the Stony Brook University, from the studios of Daniel Gilbert and Alan Kay. Besides clarinet performance, Dr. Bogdan majored in Music Composition, and had secondary focuses on computer music (MAX/MSP) and ethnomusicology.